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At Kinney Cares Daycare, we make sure your child is in the best environment possible. We provide a significant amount of one on one care that is always compassionate, positive, patient, and loving. We understand that a significant amount of time during a child's early years may be at our daycare. We pay extra attention to keeping a filled schedule with activity time, learning, snacks, and rest. We love updating parents with text messages, pictures, and videos throughout the day to keep them informed on activities and fun happening in real time. Parents are able to visit at any time and we maintain an open door policy. We believe in helping build a child's world.  We strive to strengthen their confidence, pride, and self-esteem.  With the enriching environment at our daycare, a child will be able to gain and master developmentally appropriate skills.


I’m the mother to three loving, kind, responsible, and successful grown children. I have the joy of being the grandmother to five beautiful grandchildren. I have been taking care of children for over 30 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. During my life, this has absolutely been the most rewarding job. I strive to always serve as a positive role model because children observe our actions more than people realize. I do my best to stay healthy and fit, keep a smile on my face, and have a good attitude while singing, and dancing. It is of utmost importance to me to help teach these children to be humble and kind. It is incredible to see children that have been in my care grow up and become amazing, outgoing, and responsible young adults. It is rewarding and humbling to have been a part of their growth. I truly love and care about all the children and their families, past and present, in my Daycare. I consider us family.

We believe that every child is a precious, God-given gift and our children are truly our most precious possessions. We will work hard to teach your children proper manners and values including honesty, sharing, respect, and self-worth. Our purpose is to meet your child's needs while they are in our care by providing a safe, loving environment.

As a family, we share the goal of ensuring that your child knows he or she is someone special and we are here to help them learn and grow.
We are highly committed to quality service, making sure that every child, from infants to 10 years old, are provided with activities that are engaging and enjoyable for their age.

Parents need a place that they can trust with well-trained, caring staff and we are dedicated to providing that for you. Finding quality care is one of the most important things a parent can do for their child. knowing first hand how difficult it can be to leave your child we are here to help make sure you don't have to worry while you're away from them.

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